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Dixie Chopper Zero-Turn Mowers:

Dixie Chooper Zero Turn Riding Mowers offer supreme speed, maneuverability and professional performance in a comfortable ride. Zero-Turn Mowers can make a 180° turn in their own footprint, allowing you to get in and out of tight spaces. The turning radius is a huge advantage over their traditional Tractor Mower counterpart, and the only choice for the serious professional.

Dixie Chopper is a brand of industrial zero-turn lawn mowers manufactured in Fillmore, Indiana. It was founded in 1980 has been manufacturing some of the finest professional lawn mowers since.

Dixie Chopper’s line of Zero-Turn Mowers has several models available:

  • Iron Eagle Series

    Want to give your lawn a clean, professional-looking cut every time? Then the Dixie Chopper Iron Eagle is the mower for you. Combining its ease of use with an abundance of power in either a 23-hp or 26-hp model for 2011, the Iron Eagle provides a smooth ride to a beautiful lawn.

    Iron Eagle Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Magnum Series

    Whether you make a living mowing grass or just mow grass as part of living, the Magnum can make the job easier and more enjoyable. Powered by a 27-hp Briggs & Stratton Pro Series engine, the compact Magnum comes equipped with a heavy-duty transaxle that delivers a quieter ride and ensures a longer life.

    Magnum Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Silver Eagle Series

    With a variety of deck sizes and engine options, the sturdy and reliable Silver Eagle can tackle that 40-minute lawn job or knock down the back 40 with its speed, power and rugged design. Enjoy all the benefits of the mowing features the pros use at affordable pricing.

    Silver Eagle Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Classic Series

    The name says it all. The classic hasn’t changed all that much from the mower that put Dixie Chopper on the zero-turn mowing map when it all started back in 1980. Armed with high-quality features, the Classic still provides its trademark industrial-strength performance and offers the best value for heavy-duty mowing needs.

    Classic Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Xcaliber Series

    Rule the lawn kingdom with the Dixie Chopper Xcaliber – a mower fit for a king. The revolutionary Xcaliber deck design, which features a 2-inch overlap and deeper tunnel for maximum productivity. With springer forks, electric deck lift, a redesigned OCDC and a 12-volt adapter for your cell phone or iPod, you’ll be cutting like a king with an Xcaliber.

    Xcaliber Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Xcaliber Series (Diesel)

    Dixie Chopper’s Xcaliber Diesel “Powered by CAT™” utilizes a 4-cylinder, 36-hp Caterpillar diesel engine on a modified 66-inch and 74-inch Xcaliber mower frame. Dixie Chopper is proud to be the first manufacturer to have offered this engine in a lawn mower application. With 27-inch tires, the Cat Diesel features a longer wheelbase and big block valve springs on its springer forks to greatly enhance the ride.

    Xcaliber Diesel Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Xcaliber Series (Propane)

    Dixie Chopper pioneered the mowing industry’s first true propane-powered machine with an engine designed from the start to run on propane, not a conversion kit. Fueled by two 40-pound cylinders (7.9 gallons), the 992cc (approximately 30 hp) Generac LP engine contains higher compression pistons and advanced timing for the best fuel efficiency. Although gasoline-powered mowers may be prohibited or curtailed on designated green days or “no-zone” days, it’s business as usual for the Dixie Chopper propane mower with its more environmentally friendly fuel source.

    Xcaliber Propane Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

  • Xcaliber Series (Natural Gas)

    The world’s first compressed natural gas-fueled (CNG) mower, the Eco-Eagle is powered by a 990cc Dixie Chopper engine. Built on an Xcaliber frame, the revolutionary Eco-Eagle features a 66-inch deck that delivers the unrivaled Xcaliber quality of cut. The unit fueled by two CNG tanks designed to last up to four hours each (depending upon amount of fuel and psi).

    Xcaliber Natural Gas Series on Dixie Chopper’s website.

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