Stand-On Mowers

Mid-State Truck Equipment is your new Exmark distributor for Central Indiana in 2011!

Exmark Stand-On Mowers:

Exmark Stand-On Mowers continue to be a growing segment of the professional lawn care industry. These mowers have a compact, space saving design, allowing for easy storage and also allowing them to get in and out of very tight spaces.

Stand-On Mowers offer several other advantages, they handle hills very well, allowing operators to shift their weight to keep the machine balanced. Stand On Mowers also offer operators great visibility because of their upright position.

  • Exmark Vantage:

    Comfort, versatility and productivity come to those who stand

    The Exmark Vantage features an ergonomically designed steering system and self-compensating suspension to make standing more comfortable. The Vantage has integrated tie-down points for secure trailering and has the option of a new 36″ Series 3 deck to easily get in and out of gates. Standing apart from the competition by being durable, reliable, with superior traction and handling for the exceptional controllability landscape professionals have come to expect from Exmark.

    • 36″ Series 3 or 48″ and 52″ UltraCut™ Series 4 deck cutting technology
    • 18 – 24 hp Kawasaki® V-Twin engine
    • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine options
    • Self-compensating suspension makes standing more comfortable
    • Adjustable platform for mowing hill sides and fold up ability allowing for walk-behind functionality

Service & Installation:

Mid-State Truck Equipment is a full service center:


    MTE’s service center is open from Monday thru Saturday and is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm.


    MTE will keep our Service Center open as needed when the snow is falling, if you need repairs or have new equipment that must be installed during severe winter weather, you can count on MTE to be open.

    MTE does NOT charge Emergency Rates! If there is enough snow to push, we will be here!

Mid-State Truck Equipment specializes in the install of most types of Snow Removal Equipment, Performance Parts, & Lawn Care Equipment; and is also equipped to repair most types of equipment.

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