Salt Spreaders

Mid-State Truck Equipment carries a full lineup of Ice Control Equipment:

  • Walk Behind Sand & Salt Spreaders

    Walk Behind Spreaders are perfect for both Residential and Commercial applications. Walk Behind Spreaders come in two main setups: Broadcast Spreaders use a spinning plate mechanism connected to the wheel axle to throw materials in a wide path; Drop Spreaders drop materials in a more concentrated and controlled path beneath the spreader.

    Polyethylene-constructed drop spreaders and broadcast spreaders are available to complete any snow and ice management operation.

    See more of our Walk Behind Sand & Salt Spreaders.

  • Receiver-Mount Sand & Salt Spreaders

    MTE carries many of the top Salt Spreaders on the market, our main manufacturers for Tailgate Spreaders are SnowEx, BOSS, SaltDogg, Swenson, and Henderson.

    Tailgate Spreaders are sold to mount to either a receiver hitch, a swing arm mount, oreven directly to the bumper, and come in a large variety of sizes and configurations that are designed to meet residential, commercial, and municipal needs.

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  • Dump Box Sand & Salt Spreaders

    Tailgate Replacement Spreaders and Under Tailgate Spreaders are designed for a wide range of vehicles and applications, all the way up to large municipality trucks.

    With Dump Box Spreaders, you can convert an entire dump bed into storage for spreadable materials while only having to replace the tailgate or mount the spreader under the tailgate. Some models come with auger systems that will drive materials toward the back of he bed and into the tailgate spreader.

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  • Truck Bed Mount V-Box, Hopper Sand & Salt Spreaders

    Bed Mounted Spreaders are one of our most popular products lines for contractors and commercial snow and ice control professionals. These spreaders come in a variety of configurations suitable for almost any application.

    V-Box Spreaders are designed to fit into a huge variety of trucks and will fill almost any need. We carry most major manufacturers, so whatever you are looking for, Mid-State will have what you want.

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  • Liquid Spray / Wetting Systems

    De-Icing Systems use liquids to rapidly melt through tough ice in some of the worst conditions, and can be much more effective than salts or other solid materials.

    Mid-State carries both Pre-Wet Systems as well as dedicated Liquid Spray Systems. So wether you are looking to augment a Salt Spreader or go with a purely liquid based system, we have the perfect product for your application.

    See more Liquid Spray / Wetting Systems.

MTE is a top distributor for Snow & Ice Control Equipment. If you are looking to purchase a Spreader for your vehicle or are a business owner looking to equip an entire fleet, Mid-State Truck Equipment is your best resource.

Salt Spreader Service & Installation:

Mid-State Truck Equipment is a full service Snow & Ice Equipment center:


    MTE’s service center is open from Monday thru Saturday and is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm.


    MTE will keep our Service Center open as needed when the snow is falling, if you need repairs or have new equipment that must be installed during severe winter weather, you can count on MTE to be open.

    MTE does NOT charge Emergency Rates! If there is enough snow to push, we will be here!

Mid-State Truck Equipment specializes in the install of most types of Snow Removal Equipment and is also equipped to repair most types of equipment.

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