Spray Systems

Liquid Spray Systems range from small units that are built to supplement Sand / Salt Spreaders up to massive self contained systems that can hold and distribute huge amounts of anti-icing liquids. MTE carries several lines of products that will allow you to increase your vehicle’s snow & ice control capability.

Varitech Industries Liquid Spray Systems

Pre-Wetting / Anti-Icing Sprayers:

Varatech Industries is a leader in the liquid ice control field.  As a subsidiary of Force America they are constantly upgrading and updating product offerings.

SaltDogg Liquid Spray Systems

SaltDogg’s Liquid Spray System applies chemical agents (salt brine, calcium or magnesium chloride, glycol, etc.) to salt, sand or other material as it is being dispersed onto a road surface.

SaltDogg offers several Liquid Spray Systems designed for a variety of applications, if you would like to learn more about these systems, visit SaltDogg’s site here.

Swenson Liquid Spray Systems

Mid-State Truck Equipment is an authorized distributor for all Swenson products, including their line of anti-icing liquid applicators, which can be reviewed by visiting there site here.

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