V-Plow Snow Plows

Multiposition Snow Plows:

V-Plows, or Multi-Position Plows, have several advantages over Straight Blade Plows. V-Plows have four main configurations:

Angled Position:

In this position the blade is angled to either left or right side of the vehicle. Use this position for windrowing or widening after the first pass.

Straight Position:

In this position the blade is positioned directly in front of the vehicle. Use this position for backdragging, removing a large windrow or cleaning up at the end of the job.

Power-V Postion:

In this position the blades are retracted toward the truck. This position is normally used for making the first pass. It’s ideal for plowing a lane through deep snow or punching through snowdrifts and hard-packed banks or windrows left by city and county plows.

Scoop Position:

This position is used for carrying or controlling the snow–with the blades pushed out to form an inverted V shape. It’s most useful for clearing parking lots or other large areas where snow must be pushed straight ahead–and not to the side. It’s also useful for cleanup work at the end of the job. You’ll find the Scoop-position to be the most useful for many plowing situations. And it’s also a great time-saver.

The BOSS Snow Plows

POWER-V SNOW PLOWS: "The Best-Selling Multiposition Plow On The Market"

  • Steel Power-V:

    There’s a reason THE BOSS Power-V is the best-selling multiposition plow on the market. Quite simply, nothing else is faster, tougher or easier to use. The tough yet versatile Steel Power-V features a half-inch thick, patented high-performance cutting edge that delivers extended wear resistance as compared to conventional cutting edges, as well as a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with an exclusive zinc primer to resist corrosion.

    More info. on the manufacturer’s website.

POWER-V XT SNOW PLOWS: "When The Snow Falls, Send It Flying"

  • Steel Power-V XT:

    Boasting 37" (8’2" model) and 38" tall (9’2" model) flared blade wings with an enhanced curl, THE BOSS Power-V XT throws snow higher and farther than any other plow on the market. The 1/2" x 6" high-performance cutting edge with built-in curb guards and a snow catcher delivers extended wear resistance compared to typical snowplow cutting edges.

    More info. on the manufacturer’s website.

  • Poly Power-V XT:

    NEW! With many of the same specs as our popular steel model, the all new POLY POWER-V XT features a super-slick polyethylene surface to keep snow from sticking, which saves time, fuel and wear and tear on your truck.

    More info. on the manufacturer’s website.

Snow Dogg Snow Plows

Snow Plows by SnowDogg Feature the Highest Quality Components for Unmatched Durability and Performance.

  • Snow Dogg VX Series:

    The VX takes the reliable construction of the EX Plow & packages it in a heavy duty V-Plow for 3/4T and larger trucks.

    Available with either a 102" or 114" width blade.

    More info. on the manufacturer’s website.

Other Manufacturers

Mid-State Truck Equipment also carries snow plows from many other top manufacturers in the industry. If you are looking for a specific model of plow, be sure to contact us and we will be able to provide a price quote and discuss availability.

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