Cranes & Boom Trucks

Liftmoore manufactures electric and hydraulic truck mounted cranes with moment ratings from 4,500 up to 72,000 ft-lbs and lifting capacities from 800 to 10,000 lbs. Liftmoore also makes outriggers, jackstands and other accessories. Cranes can be manual or power rotation and either hydraulic or 12 VDC electric. Boom lengths to 30 ft. are offered with either power or manual extension.

Since 1961 Liftoore has built electric and hydraulic cranes with the features you need. Give us a call and tell us what your needs are, and we will make sure you get the crane you need to get the job done. Liftmoore Cranes are perfect for these applications and more:

  • Heavy Equipment Field Service
  • Municipal Water and Wastewater
  • Propane Tank Setting
  • Railroad Maintenance
  • Oil Field Maintenance
  • Monument / Sign Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Mining Companies

Cranes, & Boom Trucks:

  • Electric Cranes:

    Electric cranes are driven by either a 12 or 24 VDC power systems. These cranes have proven to be ideal for many field service and light duty lifting applications.

    • Moment Rating: 4,500 – 36,000 ft-lbs
    • Maximum Capacity: 800 lbs @ 5ft – 6,000 lbs @ 6ft
    • Powered or Manual Rotation Available
    • Power Boom Elevation Available
    • Power Boom Extension Available

    Click here for Electric Cranes at Liftmoore’s website.

  • Hydraulic Cranes:

    These models are driven by an external power source. This is typically a pump mounted directly to a truck power take off. These cranes are built for longer duty cycles than electric cranes. When properly equipped the duty cycle can be nearly continuous.

    • Moment Rating: 10,000 – 72,000 ft-lbs
    • Maximum Capacity: 3,200 lbs. @ 3ft – 10,000 lbs @ 7.2ft
    • Powered Rotation
    • Power Boom Elevation
    • Power Boom Extension

    Click here for Hydraulic Cranes at Liftmoore’s website.

Crane Accessories:

  • Crane Accessories & Controls:

    Liftmoore manufactures a full line of crane accessories to compliment their cranes. Crane accessories manufactured include Outriggers, Jackstands, Boom Rests, and Pedestals.

Service & Installation:

Mid-State Truck Equipment is a full service center:


    MTE’s service center is open from Monday thru Saturday and is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm.


    MTE will keep our Service Center open as needed when the snow is falling, if you need repairs or have new equipment that must be installed during severe winter weather, you can count on MTE to be open.

    MTE does NOT charge Emergency Rates! If there is enough snow to push, we will be here!

Mid-State Truck Equipment specializes in the install of most types of Snow Removal Equipment, Performance Parts, & Lawn Care Equipment; and is also equipped to repair most types of equipment.

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