Truck Bodies

Built on trucks and vans of all sizes, Mid-State Truck Equipment offers a full spectrum of custom body needs for service vehicles of all types. Whether you decide to go with a standard design at the most economical value, or you require a custom design to meet a specific set of needs, our team has all of the resources and expertise to meet your needs.

Truck Platforms / Flatbed Bodies:

  • Utility Flatbed Platforms:

    Available in steel and light weight aluminum, we offer a full spectrum of Flatbed Truck Bodies for any use. Flatbeds can be configured with a hitch for gooseneck trailers, and a variety of storage compartments and boxes.

    Take note, Platform Bodies can be converted into dump beds by using a dump hoist, or during the original installation if desired.

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  • Stake Rack Platforms:

    These Platform Bodies are often the same as the Utility Flatbeds described above, but include one of many different types of stake rails inserted into stake pockets that run all around the bed. These bodies can be configured in may different ways, and are excellent for many applications, including:

    • Landscaping / Golf Courses
    • Nurseries
    • Farm & Agriculture
    • Equipment Rental & Building Supply
    • Municipalities
    • Construction & Home Improvement Centers

    Whatever your need, MTE will be able to get you a truck suitable for your business. Follow the links below for more info:

Dump Bodies, Inserts, & Hoists:

  • Dump Bed Inserts:

    Convert a standard Pickup into a Dump Truck, Insert Dump Beds are an economical solution for landscaping companies and other businesses with limited needs.

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  • Dump Bodies:

    From bodies for small pickup trucks all the way up to heavy-duty full-size trucks, Mid-State Truck Equipment carries a huge selection of dump beds for any application.

    Whether you are a small business or municipal service fleet manager, MTE will be able to equip your vehicles with optimal equipment to match your vehicle and handle your work volume.

    A wide range of optional equipment is available, and if you are interested in adding a Dump Through Liftgate or Salt Spreader, Mid-State has you covered.

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  • Dump Hoists:

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    MTE carries Scissor Hoists, Underbody Hoists, and Telescopic Hoists for setting up a truck with whatever type of dump configuration your application calls for.

  • Combination Bodies:

    A Municipal / Combination Body by Henderson, the MuniBody is an industry leading (multi-task) combination body with self cleaning 22° sloped sides. The MuniBody is a year-round work-horse that will earn its keep season after season, year after year.

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Specialty Truck Bodies:

  • Service Bodies:

    We carry a huge line of Service Bodies to fit any need. Our Service Bodies are built to be rugged and light weight, so there is a minimal impact on the vehicle’s carrying capacity while providing strength and durability.

    Configurations vary, with storage compartments including shelves, drawers, cabinets, boxes, lifts for heavy gear, storage tanks, and much more.

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  • Crane Bodies:

    Mid-State Truck Equipment offers Liftmoore Truck Cranes, including the pedestals and boom rests to go along with the Cranes themselves. MTE also offers full installation and maintenance services as well.

    MTE also offers prebuilt and custom crane bodies fully equipped as platforms for cranes of all types.

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  • Landscape Bodies:

    Landscaping Companies have many needs from their fleet of vehicles, including tool storage, large equipment transport, and the versatility to meet more than one of these needs in a single design. MTE offers many designs to meet different applications, and we can help you design a custom solution.

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  • Chipper Bodies:

    MTE chipper truck beds are made to utilize maximum storage space and keep debris on the job site and off the highway. A variety of sizes, hitch configurations, and colors are available. Whatever your needs, Mid-State has a durable chipper body to fit your exact specifications.

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  • Animal Control:

    One of many municipal designs we offer, Animal Control bodies are designed in several configurations to hold tools & equipment, as well as holding compartments for animals of an normal size.

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  • Line Bodies:

    MTE offers a full line of standard Utility and Line Body builds to fit any need, in a wide variety of sizes. MTE offers a standard line that will be the most economical option, but when custom specifications are required to meet your needs, we have the resources and experience o make it happen.

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  • Rescue / Emergency Servce Bodies:

    Emergency Service custom bodies are built to handle any need. We offer custom bodies suitable for Fire & Rescue response units, as well as Police, SWAT, and many others. Mid-State Truck Equipment can help you configure a custom body to fit all of your needs to handle storage, communication, data, and even mobile command center units.

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  • Sign Bodies:

    Sign Companies often use custom truck bodies for their field technicians to use while installing and maintaining signs

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  • Water Service:

    Custom Water Service Truck bodies can be custom designed to house valve controls, storage / transfer tanks, pumps, and whatver other tools needed for your application.

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  • Welding Bodies:

    MTE offers truck bodies built for the mobile welder. Featuring storage spaces for compressed gas bottles, hoses, & equipment compartments, these custom bodies help to increase productivity. We also offer many different configurations for easy access to welder controls.

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Service & Installation:

Mid-State Truck Equipment is a full service center:


    MTE’s service center is open from Monday thru Saturday and is open from 7:30am – 4:30pm.


    MTE will keep our Service Center open as needed when the snow is falling, if you need repairs or have new equipment that must be installed during severe winter weather, you can count on MTE to be open.

    MTE does NOT charge Emergency Rates! If there is enough snow to push, we will be here!

Mid-State Truck Equipment specializes in the install of most types of Snow Removal Equipment, Performance Parts, & Lawn Care Equipment; and is also equipped to repair most types of equipment.

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